The 39-year-old choreographer and actor Prabhudeva recently attended the wonderful interactive session between Steven Spielberg and Amitabh Bachchan and was very impressed with the event. He had nothing but good words to say about the session and compared its likeness to that of watching a movie in the star-studded grand evening in Mumbai.

Explaining more about the session, Prabhudeva talked about the questions asked of Spielberg. When Spielberg was asked about why he didn’t direct Star Wars, he responded saying that ‘George Lucas is ideal because he takes you to the outside world and the universe whereas I bring the outside world (like the aliens in E.T) to your home.’

Another poignant answer Spielberg gave in response to the query of him not making movies on the theme of love was that since he is already living a love story with his wife and family, he does not have to try and fill that void with films.