Prabhu-deva-Ajay-DevganTwenty three years ago, both were very young. The hero was 20 and the choreographer was only 17. But the choreographer became instantly popular for his dancing style. He was composing dance for a slow song which literally had no dance steps. Taking advantage of the choreographer’s naive attitude, the hero used to make him dance before every shot and then shoot for his movements in the song.

After 23 years, the combination is back again. Both have grown up. One has emerged as the action star Ajay Devgan and the choreographer turned one of the top Bollywood directors, Prabhudeva. Their film ‘Action Jackson’ is ready for release. What is surprising is that, Prabhu made a non-dancer like Ajay Devgan to dance for all the seven songs in the film. A sweet revenge isn’t it?

Jokes apart, Prabhudeva worked with all the top action heroes of Bollywood namely Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgan. Interestingly, all these three action heroes had to oblize to Prabhu and though being non-dancers they knew that Prabhu is going to make them dance anyway. The unique thing they observe in Prabhu is that he observes his heroes’ mannerisms and walking style for a couple of days and decides dance steps comfortable to their body language. There lies his secret to success.