Prabhas Was Worried to Call Anushka Shetty 'Mother'When they first heard the story, Anushka and Prabhas knew the character of Devasena as the love of Amarendra Baahubali and the transformation of the princess into a mother. Then, didn’t see the story as two parts.

But, when they had to cut the story into two parts, Devasena’s role as a mother came to the forefront. The strong emotion between the mother and the son would become the USP of the movie. But, Prabhas was worried as they were considered a hit pair after films like ‘Billa’ and ‘Mirchi’.

So, they made sure to take care of the time lapse of his dialogue when he calls Anushka, “Amma.” He was literally tensed about the acceptance from the audiences to accept the pair as the mother and the son. Luckily, that worked out really well.