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Prabhas Wore Baahubali Costume to Home!

Prabhas-Wore-Baahubali-Costume-to-Home!We’ve heard of the ways some legendary actors follow to get into the skin of the characters they play in a movie. ‘Baahubali’ hero Prabhas looks like he belongs to that lineage who try to give hundred percent to what they want to achieve.

As per the hearsay, the actor used to wear his Baahubali costume to home even, to maintain the mood of the character he had been essaying. He had two characters to play and two different body languages were to be dealt with. A lot is said about his dedication, his extremely taxing workout sessions.

​​Attaining two different looks, bulking up for one role and becoming slim for the other one wasn’t that easy for Prabhas. Immense hard work went into this transformation. Everything is now visible on screen and today we see audiences going gaga over Prabhas’ looks and also the way he lived his characters.


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