Prabhas Weds Anushka Rumour is Nothing Comparatively - RanaRight from the time Prabhas was teamed up with Anushka for the first time, rumours started floating around that the duo are going to get married. Talking about this rumour in a rapid fire round, Rana said, ‘This rumour is nothing compared to the rumours that float on me, randomly.”

He is right. Rana is one guy who is the favourite child of the gossipmongers, especially to spread the rumours on his alleged relationships with actresses. He also hints being aware how rumours spread on him more than any hero and the sources.

When Rana had to choose between Tamanna’s ‘Pachabottesina’ in ‘Baahubali, The Beginning’ and Anushka’s ‘Hamsa Naava’ in ‘Baahubali 2’, can you guess Rana’s response? Rana thinks Anushka is more glamorous between the two. Anushka has been his favourite from the time he watched ‘Arundathi’ and hence would remain so.