Prabhas Wanted That Chutney at 2 A.M. We have read a lot about the eating habits and how big a foodie is Rana Daggubati. We didn’t know much about Prabhas’ eating habits. After five years of journey, Rajamouli is quite aware of the items he likes the most.

Once at 2 a.m., after playing football, Prabhas was ready to eat his food. But, when he found a particular chutney missing, Prabhas asked for it and his brother-in-law woke his wife from sleep to make the chutney. Only then, Prabhas began eating his meal, first with the chutney.

Revealing Prabhas’ favorite items, Rajamouli said that the Baahubali star would have in display 10-15 different kinds of biryanis and some of them aren’t even heard of. Even with the biryani galore, Prabhas wouldn’t start his meal if there is no chutney made by his brother-in-law’s wife.