vikram and prabhas movies this year‘Anniyan’ (Aparichitudu in Telugu) released in 2005 scored a sensational success and thence emerged Vikram as one of the fine performers. Vikram’s larger than life role created by director Shankar and the concept of multiple personality disorder worked wonders. His image as a hero increased immensely and expectations on him soared up high.

There was no other go for him except to live up to the expectations and standards he had created for himself portraying the multiple disorder personality of Ramanujan in ‘Aparichitudu’. There arose many apprehensions regarding such humoungous image Vikram got himself tangled in? The actor too was under pressure to give such extraordinary content in his upcoming movies.

True to the apprehensions, none of Vikram’s movies lived up to the expectations and didn’t create much impact at the box-office. After almost 9 years once again Vikram is playing something extraordinary in his upcoming movie ‘I’ and this film too is helmed by the top director of Indian Cinema, Shankar. The magnanimity of the project and the soaring expectations on Shankar’s ‘I’ are only leaving Vikram’s fans anxious about the actor’s future projects.

Here in Tollywood, Rajamouli is coming up with the same kind of magnanimous character for Prabhas in ‘Baahubali’. All the information and updates available on Rajamouli’s magnum opus only suggest that he has in store for Prabhas’ fans a feastly surprise which would raise the actor’s standards beyond their expectations level. The film is visualised as the one which would give Tollywood its first ever movie which would make it to 100 crore club.

Now the inevitable question would be ‘what would happen to Prabhas’ furture projects?’. Every future project of Prabhas’ movie would be judged on the standards he sets himself with his performance in ‘Baahubali’. Would this kind of image really help Prabhas in the long run? Is there a chance he would be get trapped in this kind of image which would take big effort to shrug free from the shackles? Like what Shankar did to Vikram, is Rajamouli doing the same to Prabhas? Got to wait and see.