Prabhas Unnecessarily Risking His Popularity?Rebel Star Prabhas is the biggest Superstar in the country right now. He may be the only star who is popular across the country. The fact that Saaho is a hit in the North while it failed in the South is a testimony of his popularity right now in the country.

But then, there are too many people trying to milk Prabhas’s popularity. If we scroll through the timeline of Prabhas’s Facebook page, we see him endorsing many small films and stars. Almost all of them are due to his obligations or that problem of ‘cant say No’.

The other day, he has endorsed a very small film starring comedian Ali. The movie is almost unknown to the audience before Prabhas’s Facebook post. While it is nice of Prabhas to stay grounded, but fans are still worried if that sends a wrong signal of his brand value. Moreover, such easy endorsements will also decrease the value of his endorsements going further.

We do not know if someone really told this to Prabhas!