Prabhas To Finally Tie the Knot, Seriously? Hero Prabhas is currently enjoying pan-India star status and is waiting to make a strong comeback with Adi Purush after the box office turkey Radhe Shyam.

Coming to Prabhas’ personal life, this 40+ hero is still leading a Bachelor’s life, and whenever he is asked about his marriage at film events, Prabhas cleverly skips the question with a smirk on his face. Prabhas fans are worried that their favorite star might end up like Salman Khan.

But things look different now. Prabhas’ uncle and senior rebel star Krishnamraju, in recent interviews, had said that Prabhas would tie the knot this year for sure.

Meanwhile, in a recent interview for a YouTube channel, the President of the Krishnamraju and Prabhas fans association from their Mogalturu village in West Godavari district in Andhra Pradesh revealed that Prabhas would be tying the knot for sure this year itself.

The person also added that even the bride groom is locked for Prabhas and Krishnamraju’s family will reveal the details at an appropriate time. Now, this small video byte is doing rounds on social media platforms, and fans are eagerly waiting to hear the good news from Prabhas himself sooner or later.