Prabhas – The Most Expensive And Riskiest Star Of 2022Many equations have changed with the addition of Rebel Star Prabhas’s Radhe Shyam for Sankranthi 2022. He has now become the most expensive and riskiest star of 2022 across India. Close to 1000 Cr are riding on his name alone. It is a mammoth number for a single star.

With Radhe Shyam arriving on January 14th for Sankranthi 2022, Prabhas will now have three releases in 2022. Salaar and Adipurush are the other two movies. The former is locked for an April release, whereas the latter is confirmed for the Independence Day weekend release.

Prabhas is already the highest-paid star of India for a single movie. Imagine three movies from him in a single year. He is the most expensive star, without any doubt.

From the trade information that is available so far, Radhe Shyam is expected to do business of over 110 Cr from the Telugu states alone. Now, add three other languages (Hindi, Tamil, and Malayalam), it will be close to 200 Cr including all. Remember, these numbers are only for domestic acquisition. There will be a substantial overseas deal, too. The overall number would be easily around (or more) than 230 Cr.

A 230 Cr number is excellent in itself, and then it hits us that it is for a classy love affair like Radhe Shyam. What follows is Salaar, a monstrous combo at the box office. If the second chapter of Prashant Neel’s KGF lives up to expectations, Salaar’s business will be more than 300Cr (at the least).

Finally, Adipurush will come to the scene as the next Baahubali, a pan-India blockbuster. The content of Ramayan and casting of Prabhas, as lord Ram, is expected to shatter all box office records. If Salaar is a success, Adipurush will challenge the highest pre-release business ever.

The cumulative pre-release business of these three films will be closer to 1000 Cr (above 900Cr). It could change depending on the results of individual films, but that’s the expectation right now. It makes Prabhas the most expensive and riskiest star for the whole of 2022. Let’s see what fate has in store for him.