Prabhas' That Habit Already Popular in Mumbai Prabhas has been famous for two things other than his popularity as a film star and those are his habit of feeding his guests and friends sumptuously and the other one being the shy guy who doesn’t talk much and socialise.

Looks like, these two things are already popular in Mumbai, going by Sita’s words, we mean to say his screen Sita Kriti Sanon who will be seen playing the mythological role alongside Prabhas as Lord Ram in ‘Adi Purush’. They have already begun their work for the movie.

Kriti Sanon says that he is a foodie and loves feeding his co-stars. That’s the most common thing about Prabhas. Kriti also revealed something a bit surprising and contrary to what people usually say. Prabhas talks without a break, like the nineteen to the dozen, talking unstoppably though he was shy in the beginning.

While Prabhas is busy with three projects, back-to-back with three different directors, Kriti Sanon will also be shuttling between ‘Adi Purush’ playing pious Sita’s role and another movie ‘Bhediya’ that happens to be a horror-comedy. Quite a contrast, isn’t it?