Prabhas, Salman in same mood

It seems like the promoters of two popular upcoming films are in a bit of a dilemma regarding intellectual copyrights. The incident occurred when the latest promotional still released of Salman’s Dabangg 2 was seen as closely resembling that of Prabhas’s Mirchi. The time difference between the release of both the promotional contents also don’t seem to be much.

The photos in question show the lead actors riding a heavy bike, sporting goggles and with the top buttons of their shirt unfastened while the leading ladies holding tight to their partners. It is very questionable indeed which of the two promotional picture is the original and which is the copied one.

Besides the photos, there also seems to be other similarities between the movies. For instance, both the films were scheduled for Dec 21st release, however, Mirchi postponed the date a couple of times to take advantage of a solo release on the 7th of February.