Prabhas restores normalcy againPrabhas who has been from the beginning of the year looking way too bulky has returned to his near normal looks now. We can see this new looking Prabhas at the recent engagement ceremony of the daughter of Dil Raju. This look had taken many by surprise initially but when the news about the double role of Prabhas was revealed in Bahubali, people could have got an idea about this new look.

Now the real speculation among the audience is whether this new look is the major look in Bahubali or is this for the second character in the film which appears shortly. This is almost reminiscent of Charan’s two different getups in Magadheera but as they were clearly differentiated between past and present, it was a fairly simple one to execute and enact. Here as the entire film has a periodic setting, presenting the different between the two characters and maintaining continuity in performance should be a difficult task for the actor as well as director. Let’s see how the final outcome turns out.