Prabhas’ Release Day Plan Revealed

Prabhas-Saaho‘Saaho’ happens to be the most expensive movie ever made in the Indian subcontinent and thus, a lot of money is at stake, without any doubt. So, how would Prabhas be feeling just before the release of his movie and what would he be doing?

Prabhas said in an interview that he feels extremely anxious and though he tried going to a theatre and watch his movie along with the audiences for the opening show of ‘Rebel’, he couldn’t do it. He was back to his normal routine.

His normal routine ahead of his film’s release would be asking his friends to wake him up only if the film opens to a blockbuster talk otherwise, let him sleep. It doesn’t mean, he would be sleeping but his anxiety makes him to just lie down and wait to hear the outcome of his film.

The same thing happened before ‘Baahubali’ and it would repeat for ‘Saaho’ as well, said Prabhas. One can understand the kind of feeling he could be experiencing just before his film’s release.

Even Shraddha Kapoor said that she experiences something similar when her stomach seems to be upset though she tries to look okay from the outside. So, it’s mutual, isn’t it?

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