Prabhas_ProjectK_Mahesh_Babu_SSMB28Pan-India star Prabhas has teamed up with director Nag Ashwin for an ambitious film titled Project K. The film also stars Amitabh Bachchan and Deepika Padukone and is being produced by veteran producer Aswini Dutt.

The makers announced the release date as 12th January 2024 as a Sankranthi treat. Yesterday, the makers of SSMB28 also announced the release date of their film as 13th January.

So we are going to witness a Prabhas Vs. Mahesh Babu box office clash this Sankranthi. There’s also a chance that Ram Charan will also join the party with his film with Shankar, RC15, on Sankranthi.

Project K is being projected not just as a pan-India film but as a pan-World film. The film is touted to be the most expensive project to come out of Indian cinema with the highest technical values.

Sankranthi is a festival where families turn out in big numbers to watch a movie. So a film like Project K is a risky venture as it belongs to the sci-fi genre which the families don’t endorse much. Unless executed to perfection, there are chances that a film in such a not-so-safe genre might backfire.

Films like RC15 and SSMB28 are more mainstream and even if they clash on the Sankranthi festival, there are high chances that both can turn out to be successful even if they are just about decent. Sankranthi festival can accommodate two such biggies.

But Project K is a different beast altogether and it needs a solo release with a couple of open weeks to recover the huge costs involved. It can’t afford to clash with a Mahesh Babu or Ram Charan film.

However, still, there’s a lot of time for Project K, as a lot of work is still pending. Its fate will also depend on how Prabhas’ next two releases Adipurush and Salaar pan out.