Prabhas Picked a Disaster Over Rajamouli’s FilmPrabhas and Rajamouli delivered three blockbusters – Chatrapathi, Baahubali 1&2. But there was a time when Prabhas ended up picking a disaster over a film with Rajamouli.

As revealed by a senior producer, Rajamouli was supposed to direct Prabhas for a film after Student No. 1.

“Rajamouli prepared a good story for Prabhas and even observed his mannerisms by going to the sets of Prabhas’s debut film Eeshwar. I was supposed to produce the film. When Rajamouli and I took the script to Prabhas’s father Surya Narayana Raju, it didn’t go as planned.”

“They felt it would be better to work with an in-form director than a budding director like Rajamouli. They then picked Raghavendra, a film directed by Suresh Krishna. The film with Rajamouli didn’t happen” the producer said.

Well, Raghavendra then turned out to be a disaster while Prabhas and Rajamouli’s potential collaboration was turned down.

After watching the interview video byte, Prabhas’s fans are commenting that Rajamouli saw a superstar in Prabhas even before he was one.