Director Nag Ashwin - PrabhasA tweet reply from director Nag Ashwin is making Prabhas‘ fans go crazy filled with full of admiration and respect for the director for being considerate enough to clarify things and respond to fans’ queries and doubts on social media.

In recent times, we have seen how Prabhas’ fans are near to frustration due to lack of updates from the directors of his upcoming films. Usually, Prabhas’ directors don’t respond and treat fans badly in terms of communication. There used to be absolutely little to no communication from their side.

They didn’t even care when fans cry out loud or even resort to trolling. Here is Nag Ashwin who is treating them differently tackling things politely and maintaining a proper channel of communication right from the word, ‘go’. That’s how he won over Prabhas’ fans.

When a fan posted there would be an update in 10 days, Nag Ashwin responded saying that he was sorry and it’s not the right time for an update. Elated fans are saying that there is no need for a sorry as they are happy that he is communicating with them instead of ignoring them.