Prabhas Is Not Sure About TwitterPrabhas, in an interview, was asked being a superstar, why is he not on Twitter yet. Actually yes, Baahubali has got him tremendous recognition and craze over nations. And yet you may not see him active on Social media.

And being asked why is he not on twitter, he said “ayenge “(would come) but was not sure if he would actually come on to the twitter. He said “yeah Yeah I’l come soon” and was not confident about it. After all, Why is Baahubali hesitating to come on to the Twitter platform?

There are a few celebs like Ram Charan who made their entry but have quit soon for not being able to tolerate the misconduct they faced here. Well, there are advantages and issues with being on the social platform. But being recognized as an Indian star with Baahubali, it would be an add on to the craze that Prabhas has now if he joins the Twitter family. But apparently, he hints that it may not happen.