Prabhas, No Mercy On Fans!A top hero is expected to be perfect in every aspect. Their off-screen looks, dressing style, and every other aspect is closely observed by eagle-eyed people. Incidentally, Prabhas had been facing backlash from his own fans over his looks and off-screen styling.

The latest snap of Prabhas is not giving any respite to his fans. They are commenting that Prabhas is sporting the same old baggy clothes and his looks haven’t improved one bit.

Prabhas took a brief layoff from movies after Radhe Shyam’s release and his fans thought he might be undergoing a minor makeover and come up with better looks. But after seeing his snap they are commenting “Our hero (Prabhas) won’t leave these baggy outfits. All our pleas are going unanswered. Prabhas, please show some mercy on us.”

Now, all Prabhas’s fans are hoping for is that he will at least improve his on-screen looks in his films as he faced a fair bit of criticism for his looks in Saaho and Radhe Shyam.