Is Prabhas The New Number 1 Of TFI?  Usually, there is a tradition in Telugu cinema where the hero with highest grosser is christened as “Number 1”. If that was the sole criteria, Prabhas should have been number 1 right after the release of Baahubali part one. Two years later the part one remains unchallenged, and we have the part two that is going to overtake it soon. So, is Prabhas the new Number 1 of TFI?

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At face value, Prabhas has everything going for him to be the biggest star. His attitude in success, friendly nature with fans, and in general a noncontroversial personality with no political pandering and additional caste based attachments. He is an ideal star and loved by kids and ladies immensely. His following is ever increasing. However, he Is not yet the number one and here’s why.

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The two parts of Baahubali are once in a lifetime sort of achievements, but it is the project as a whole rather than an individual star who gets the credit here. If we take a Mirchi or a Mr. Perfect as the example, that’s where Prabhas gets most of the credit. Similarly, Saaho coming up will show which position Young Rebel Star occupies. To know the difference one can already look at teaser views of Saaho which are in similar range to the non-Baahubali views. Remember, the teaser came right at the peak of anticipation of Baahubali 2 featuring Prabhas in the lead.

Put two and two together we will get a clear picture of the situation. Prabhas right now is up there with the top stars which he wasn’t previously. A sustained success with forthcoming films will inevitably push him above some of the current generation stars.

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