Nag Ashwin- PrabhasAll the movies Prabhas has been doing after ‘Baahubali, The Beginning’ have been pan-Indian and his ‘Adi Purush’ is a straight Bollywood movie. While Prabhas’ ‘Baahuali set the precedent for South Indian movies going pan-Indian, looks like Nag Ashwin’s directorial will set another.

Given the futuristic premise of the movie, it’s going to go pan-world not just pan-Indian. That implies, the movie will not only be released in multiple languages in India including Hindi, it will also go for the English version release, across the globe.

The makers are planning to make it the biggest pan-world film from India. So, they have been doing the needed to make that possible. It’s good to know that Prabhas will be taking our movies to global audiences and this would definitely be another big beginning for the star and the South movies from India.

Meanwhile, Prabhas has ‘Salaar’ and ‘Adi Purush’ to complete and both the films are on the right track with shootings going on as per their respective plannng.