Prabhas Looks: Fans Confused Like HellOne thing which is confusing about Prabhas these days is undoubtedly his looks. Off-screen, his look appears Uber cool sometimes. And just when fans start celebrating his dashing looks, another picture of Prabhas surfaces in which he will be looking haggard in a weird getup.

Recently, at a get-together party at Adipurush director Om Raut‘s residency, Prabhas was seen in a classy look and stunned everyone with his lean look. But today, a couple of pictures of Prabhas were making rounds on social media in which he is seen as a bit unhealthy in casual attire.

It is widely known that Prabhas used to be a gym addict in 2012 times, and he used to spend a minimum of 2 hours daily. But his recent off-screen looks on many occasions have totally disappointed his fans, and his anti-fans have field day trolling his looks and the clothes he is wearing.

It’s high time Prabhas gives a serious thought about the way he carries off in real life.