Prabhas Left Totally Embarrassed and ShyLike the pre-release event of ‘Baahubali 2’ for the Telugu version, a special entry was planned for Prabhas for the audio launch event of the Tamil version of the movie. Those who know Prabhas very well know how embarrassed he will feel. He is very shy and that shyness showed when there was a special welcome for him.

When Prabhas was feeling embarrassed, Rajamouli was seen laughing heartily, amused by the shyness of Prabhas. This totally explains the bonding between the director and the actor. They have been with each other for almost five years and it’s obvious Rajamouli knows Prabhas’ shy behavior.

This down to the earth nature, being modest and gentle had earned Prabhas huge fans. This is the reason why Prabhas hardly has any anti-fans unlike other star heroes. It’s really good to see that success didn’t change him much or make him proud of his accomplishments. The star certainly belongs to a rare breed.