Prabhas - Pooja Hegde“Prabhas is genuinely and inherently a nice person,” said Pooja Hegde in one of her interviews to a national channel. When she was in the US, she was quizzed about her upcoming projects.

When she said that her next project will be with Prabhas, they were like, “Oh, You were from Prabhas’ land!” “Whoa!” That amazed the actress as Prabhas is an international star and other actors from our land are recognized with his name.

That’s the kind of fame Prabhas has earned with Baahubali. Pooja rightly observed that a true star is when people come to watch a star even if the film is not good and if the script is good it would be like an icing on the cake. ‘Saaho’ has proved it anyway in the Hindi belt.

“A true star like Prabhas or Salman have this drawing capacity where people just come to watch a film just for them.” Well said, Pooja! For his colleagues, Prabhas is a darling who is extra nice and genuine. For audiences, he is a star whose charisma can draw them to the theatres.