Prabhas Is Too Lazy to Attend RRR PremierePrabhas is known for his laid back attitude. But of late, his lazy approach towards his films and looks have hurt the fans big time. A few days back, Rajamouli interviewed Prabhas for Radhe Shyam and this created a little buzz in the promotions of the film but did not help the revenues anyway.

Now, as RRR is up for a release on the 25th of this month, the buzz is about the paid premieres that will be aired at 9 30 PM on the 24th night across India. Plans are underway for the same as of now.

Speaking about the same, NTR asks Rajamouli whether Prabhas would come to the premiere of the film. Wasting no time, Rajamouli says (or sounds like) that Prabhas is a very lazy guy and making an effort to come for the premiere is highly impossible.

Prabhas is a kind of person who does not attend his own film events and he coming for the premiere will be a sight to watch. For now, Prabhas is nowhere seen after the debacle of Radhe Shyam. Let’s hope that he makes an exception and comes out for RRR.