Prabhas-Is-a-Legend-for-Gulf-MediaPrabhas and his ‘Saaho’ team has been stationed in Abu Dhabi for three weeks shooting for the biggest and the most expensive action sequence under the guidance of Hollywood action choreographer Kelly Bates. The Gulf media calls Prabhas as legendary.

The media over there is very curious about Prabhas and it’s giving a decent coverage about Prabhas, ‘Saaho’ and details about the action sequence. In the latest interview with Gulf media, Prabhas shared several details about the action sequence. Foremost, Prabhas crashed 37 cars and 5 trucks.

Kelly Bates wanted real vehicles and hence, the team provided real cars and trucks. 90% of the action sequences will be real and only 10% will be computer graphics. Most of the scenes are shot in the city, on the bridges and only a few in the desert area. Even the heroine Shraddha Kapoor was part of the action sequences.

Here, Prabhas fans are excited for getting the updates about the action sequence shot in Abu Dhabi and also for getting to read Prabhas interview in the Gulf media.