Prabhas-Kriti-Sanon-Om-Raut-AdipurushPrabhas’s Adipurush is one of the most anticipated films in the Hindi market. The Ramayan setup and Hindutva angle are expected to work wonders for the mythological action epic.

Given the Hindutva association, there’s no scope for the otherwise troublesome boycott calls on Adipurush which have become a part and parcel of Bollywood these days.

Unlike a few Bollywood stars, there’s no negativity on Prabhas, and if anything, he is regarded as a warm and humble guy by the Hindi audience. Also, the unit made their intentions clear with the Ayodhya event scheduled for 2nd October. This is a clear implication that they are banking on the Hindutva trend.

Bollywood is desperate for a monstrous box office success. Recent release, Bramhastra which started off brightly had brief spells of good runs at the box office but overall, it hasn’t entered the hit zone in domestic box office circuit. The advance bookings are not on expected level for mass film, Vikram Vedha either.

So, all eyes will be on Adipurush which is tipped to be the big event film that can pull the audience in big numbers. It is safe to say that Prabhas has a bigger Bramhastra in his hand.