Prabhas Hardly Sleeping & Eating

Prabhas Hardly Sleeping & EatingA lot is riding on Prabhas and the star hero is doing everything he can to promote his movie across various film industries as it is a multi-lingual film. Here comes a picture of Prabhas giving an interview at 1 a.m. That itself explains how hard he has been working.

It seems he is hardly sleeping or eating as his priority is to take ‘Saaho‘ forward to the pan-Indian audiences. The way he is promoting the movie is surprising everyone. He is restlessly going to different places, promoting the movie in different cities as the expectations on the movie are sky-high and the business is really huge.

Prabhas is the only Telugu star who has no negativity among other star heroes’ fans. That’s why he is getting support from others’ fans that he earned for his positive behaviour over the years and of course, the neutral audiences will rally behind him if the content is exciting.

He is doing his best supporting his producers who are his friends and who had invested big in ‘Saaho’. Hope, all his hard work and conviction pays off and this historic opportunity will turn positive for everyone involved in this big venture.

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