Prabhas Gives Some Relief To Anxious FansFor the past many months, Prabhas has been making his fans anxious and worrisome because of his off-screen looks. Sometimes he looks good, but on many occasions, he was trolled for looking shabby and unkempt. Fans were fed up with his scarf look and said he looked like a younger version of Sai Baba.

Yesterday the fans were curious to know what kind of look Prabhas will sport for the Sita Ramam event. But thankfully, Prabhas appeared in a decent outfit.

Prabhas arrived in casual wear as he sported a black full sleeves T-shirt and blue jeans. He completed the look with a cap, glasses, and loafers.

He looked slim and fit. He still needs to work on his overall appearance, but this was better than some of his off-screen looks in the recent past, which were a nightmare for the fans.

Darling fans were relieved and seen sharing his pics from the Sita Ramam event on social media. Prabhas’ speech was also one of the event’s high points and was watched by millions on YouTube.