Prabhas-Girl-Giving-Away-ClothesAs actors, successful heroines get a lot of clothes from different brands to promote their brand. What do celebrities do with all the clothes? Will they wear all of them? The obvious answer is, “No.” So, Shraddha Kapoor wanted to make the maximum use of those outfits.

She decided give away those clothes in charity for those who are needy instead of keeping without any use. Shraddha knows that she is blessed for having food, shelter and loved ones and therefore, believes in giving back to the people and spread love. Well, this is a good gesture from the ‘Saaho’ heroine.

Shraddha also into animal welfare to spread the word about the cause supporting various NGOs that work for animal welfare. She is more than a celebrity kid turned successful actress who knows how to lead a sensible life by appreciating what she has and also understanding the woes of the underprivileged.