Why Is Prabhas Doing Films for Friends Only?There is a talk in the industry that Prabhas prefers to do films for either his home production Gopi Krishna Movies or his friends’ production house, UV Creations. Why so? Super hit film ‘Billa’ came from his home production and ‘Mirchi’ from UV Creations.

Responding to this query, Prabhas said that his next two films will be with his friends. After four years with a magnum opus like ‘Baahubali’, his point of view and mindset has changed. So, he would be more comfortable with his friends who can understand him 1000 times better than any other producer.

His friends would keep in mind his comfort levels and there would be this nice camaraderie that would work out between them. ‘Sahoo’ to be directed by Sujith is going to be produced by UV Creations as he feels, he needs his friends around who know him and hence can understand him. That’s true. So, Prabhas’ film with other producers would not be there anytime soon.