Prabhas Fans Terrified of Avatar 2Adipurush teaser released one week back received extreme backlash from all quarters. But the makers successfully tried to contain the negativity to some extent by having public screenings of the 3D teaser which changed the perception of the film to an extent.

But Prabhas fans are still petrified about one hurdle that might damage the prospects of Adipurush. James Cameron’s much-awaited Avatar 2 is releasing on December 16. That is also a live animation action film using motion capture technology like Adipurush.

But it would be foolish to expect Adipurush’s VFX can match the world-class awesomeness of Avatar. So after watching Avatar: The Way of Water, the audience’s vision and taste will be enhanced and it will become even more difficult for Adipurush to impress those who have watched Avatar.

So the experience of watching Avatar 2 will definitely turn out to be a negative point for Adipurush and this is giving sleepless nights to Prabhas fans.