Prabhas-Embraced-Challenge-from-TRS-Minister---GreenIndiaChallengeBeing a part of a noble cause is what makes the day for the celebrities as at the end of the day, they must be there for the people who made them this big. Statements aside, Prabhas was chosen for #GreenIndiaChallenge by TRS MP J. Santosh Kumar.

Prabhas and his pics are now trending on Twitter and other social media platforms as he along with Minister Santosh Kumar planted a sapling at his (Prabhas’) home. The Rajya Sabha MP met Prabhas at his residence and told him about adopting Keesara forest.

The pan-Indian star’s fans are super excited sharing the latest pics of Prabhas planting saplings at his residence on various social media platforms. It has been a while since the die-hard fans had a glimpse of the superstar.

So, it’s a visual feast for his fans that Prabhas looked quite refreshing and full of joy while planting the sapling and clicking selfies with the plant and the MP.