Prabhas’ Director Failed His Die-Hard Fans?


It’s obvious that one can’t blame anyone for the present condition. But, Prabhas’ fans dissatisfaction is reasonable as they have been waiting for three years for at least the title announcement of Prabhas’ next.

Director Radha Krishna Kumar announced his association with Prabhas for a love story three years ago. He has been testing the fans patience by not giving them even the title.

Fans are now worried and showing that on social media with their posts. They are asking the director, “Wake up, fastly.” Fans have been trying to create trends, social media alerts and everything in their capacity for the movie.

The director announced Prabhas20 on 6th May 2017. Maybe, their dissatisfaction is justified as Prabhas ‘Saaho’ released 9 months ago and fans; would be expecting some info about Prabhas20.

Taking time to announce a title for a magnum opus like ‘Baahubali’ is a different thing, but not for a love story. In fact, the title would be helpful for fans to come up with their own trends and alerts.

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