Prabhas Director Disables Replies Fearing Fans!Prabhas’s fans are a distressed lot now. They are badly disappointed with the fact that their hero’s last two films, Saaho and Radhe Shyam bombed big time. Fearing unforgiving mockery from Prabhas‘s fans, the director of Radhe Shyam, Radha Krishna has disabled replies on his Twitter handle.

Radha Krishna Kumar wasn’t active on Twitter days after Radhe Shyam’s release. He finally returned early last month, but with the replies option disabled.

Prabhas’s fans have been badly mocking Radha Krishna for giving them Radhe Shyam and in a bid to escape the same, the director disabled the replies option. But that isn’t stopping Prabhas’s fans from continuing to irk him.

They are quoting Radha Krishna’s tweets and are continuing to irk him. When Radha recently shared his opinion about a film trailer, Prabhas’s fans started trolling him, saying “Don’t you dare speak about the “technical finesse” of a trailer while you yourself gave us (Prabhas’s fans) a disaster like Radhe Shyam”. There are many such quoted tweets in this tone. Prabhas’s fans are also daring Radha to turn on replies.