Prabhas-Another-Blunder-The teaser of Adipurush did more bad than good to the film as it gave an impression that the Prabhas starrer has cartoonish VFX which wasn’t what everyone was expecting. Now, another fresh speculation on Adipurush is leaving Prabhas’s fans sweating.

As per a few unverified rumors on social media, the run-time of Adipurush is 3 hours 16 minutes, which is 196 minutes. This is way over the desirable bracket.

If that really is the run-time of Adipurush, keeping the audience engaged for close to 200 minutes with a film based on Ramayan, which everyone knows already is beyond impractical. Moreover, if the VFX and CGI are of the standard that was shown in the teaser, the 3 hours run-time will be calamitic.

Given that there can’t be any new inclusions on the story front, Adipurush is better off with crisp run-time as prolonged run time will only increase the lag and in turn damage the overall viewing experience.

There’re already complaints about Prabhas’s looks, and the visual design of key characters like Ravan and Hanuman. With all this in mind, Prabhas can’t afford another blunder with a 200-minute-long film with Adipurush.