Ram Charan Trying To Catch Up Allu ArjunIt is only fair to say that no Telugu mainstream star hero has a more aggressive PR team than Allu Arjun’s. The way he and his team promote his films, and his offline film related events is as aggressive as it can be.

Now, Ram Charan, who many believed, never focused on PR activity like Bunny, appears to be slowly but surely beefing up his PR. A few days ago, a set of snaps featuring Ram Charan and his sister Sreeja in Mumbai were extensively re-shared on social media. Yesterday, a new set of snaps of Charan at a Nike store in Mumbai were propagated on social media.

We often see snaps and videos of Allu Arjun being extensively shared on social media by his PR team. The viral snaps of him from his recent Dubai trip prove the same. Also, Pushpa which premiered on Amazon Prime recently was the talk of the town on social media for several days and Allu Arjun‘s PR should have worked tirelessly to make that possible.

Now, Charan too is trying to catch up with Allu Arjun as far as the PR campaign goes.

Charan will be making his debut in the pan-India market with RRR and it is about time that he beefs up the PR campaign and he is on course to do the same now.

Ram Charan Trying To Catch Up Allu Arjun