People in India have embraced hereditary politics from the very beginning. In due course it has spilled into various other fields and walks of life as well. But the one that gets highlighted the most obviously is film industry mainly due to the glamour attached to the field. And among all the film industries in India, Telugu cinema is the biggest in embracing this hereditary following.

In the current Telugu cinema scenario, debut movie of Akira, son of Pawan Kalyan, is amongst the most awaited ones clearly. Fans are waiting eagerly already to see their favorite star’s son on big screen and it looks like they are going to get their wish fulfilled but not in a way they might have imagined. Akira makes a small appearance in mother Renu’s directorial debut Ishq Wala Love which happens to be a Marathi film. And it is through dubbing of this film in Telugu, Akira would be seen on big screen for first time. Well not a right way or perfect film for Telugu fans of Pawan Kalyan, but we guess they might as well have this than nothing at all. What do you say?