Puneeth-Rajkumar dookudu

Superstar Mahesh’s Telugu blockbuster ‘Dookudu’ is now being remade in Sandalwood by Puneet Rajkumar. In this regard, the makers of the film have been hunting for the right title for the film a while now and sources say that wait has finally come to end. Interestingly enough, Puneet RajKumar in Kannada industry is referred to as Power Star, and the makers would like to name the film after the star’s title.

When the filmmakers submitted a request for the title ‘Power’, they found that their desired title had already been registered with the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce. However, the makers of the film have come up with a smart plan to overcome the hurdle. This problem was solved simply by using * in the title. To this effect, sources tell us that the film will now be titled Power *.

The filmmakers have announced several titles for ‘Dookudu’ remake so far but fans hope that they will stick to Power* title. The titles announced earlier were, Rajkumara, Adipathi, Ashwathama and finally they are at Power *.