Power Problem for Tollywood!

Looks like some black magic is working on Tollywood, troubles are brewing from all corners on to the film industry. It was Piracy and strikes till yesterday but now ‘Power’ problems are hitting it badly. The electricity employees of Seema Andhra region are going on strike and as a result, there is an acute shortage of power in the region. The effect is also felt in the Telangana region. Last 24 hours has witnessed power cuts ranging from 2 hours (in Metros) to 15-18 hours (in villages).

Theater owners are claiming that they will ran in to economic losses if they have to run movies on Generators as maintenance costs increase due to high Diesel prices. They are planning to reduce the shows to 2 per day if the problem does not get solved. If this 2 shows per day comes in to effect, it will be a huge dent in collections of the movie already in theaters and the movie that are going to be released this weekend.