Ravi teja power US premier talk

Mass Maharaja’s ‘Power’ is going to hit screens today (12th September Friday) worldwide. But for US audience a premiere show has been screened a day before the release in India. According to the premiere talk, ‘Power’ is replete with power packed performance of Mass Maharaja and he isn’t going to disappoint audience from his side. The main talk is regarding the execution of the central theme of the movie.

According to the buzz on the premiere show, the execution of the first half is the major plus and the second half falls short of the expentations because of heavy undigestable sentiment and not so appealing comedy. The comedy which forms the strength of the first half, weakens in the second half. And moreover too many action sequences give the feel of boredom to the audience.

Brahmi and Thaman’s music seems to have no magical impact and on the contrary gave a sense of repetition from some earlier movies. Finally the movie got an average talk for the premiere shows. This is only the premiere talk from US premiere shows and visit us back for our exclusive Power full review from the first show.

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