raj Tarun power play trailer talkAfter an impressive teaser, the trailer of Raj Tarun’s Power Play is out. Without any doubt, the political thriller offers something new than the routine on the terrain. The only question here is, is it original or not?

Raj Tarun, looking for an image makeover for a long time, gets a drastic change of genre with Power Play. It is something he has never tried in his career so far. The same can be said about the director, Vijay Kumar Konda, who has made romantic comedies so far.

The premise of Power Play looks intriguing and exciting, with the Chief Minister’s chair up for grabs. It sets a chain of events in motions, but who will be the ultimate winner? We have to watch the movie to know the answer.

Raj Tarun’s last film as a hero was Orey Bujjiga. Even before that, all the movies belonged to a similar genre. The exception was a horror-comedy in between. Nothing has worked for him. We have to see if Power Play does the turnaround for him or not.

Check out the trailer below. Vijay Kumar Konda of Orey Bujjiga and Gunde Jari Gallanthayyinde fame direct the movie. Hemal, Poorna, and Prince play other critical roles in the political thriller. Power Play hits the cinemas all over on March 5th.