Manchu Manoj’s Potugadu opened up with a mixed talk yet the movie is on its way to make the producers wallet fat. Quite interestingly this movie was shot in just 40 days with a strict budget of 6 Crs. First day itself movie has made a business of about 9 Crs and the trend very much likely to continue as there is no other better choice for movie lovers who wants to catch a movie this week.

Though Manoj carries a small hero tag, the absence of mass and comedy entertainers in recent months will immensely help the movie to rake good profits. It is certainly a good news for makers of Potugadu, on the flip side so far there was no small movie that had fully utilized the back step of big films due to the political ire in state. Most of the small films released in recent days ended up with a disaster talk and few other films which has great potential like Krishna Vamsi’s ‘Paisa’ is indeed, battling to get a release date.

Let’s see where Potugadu will stand in Manchu Manoj’s collections dairy.