Potential Telugu Remake Coming On OTTA handful of Malayalam films are being remade in Telugu now. Pawan Kalyan and Rana’s Bheemla Nayak, the Telugu remake of Ayyappanum Koshiyum, and Chiranjeevi’s Godfather, the Telugu remake of Lucifer are prime examples of the same.

Kappela, Driving License, and a few other films are set to be remade sooner than later. The new addition to the list could by Hridayam.

Hridayam, a feel-good slice of life drama featuring Pranav Mohanlal in the central role is one of the big box office successes in Malayalam cinema in the recent times. The film is set to premiere on OTT on the 18th of February. It will be available for streaming on Disney+ Hotstar from the above mentioned date.

There are reports claiming that a top production house in Tollywood is planning to remake Hridayam in Telugu soon. In all likelihood, the project might materialize sooner than later.

But the thing is that Hridayam is a soul-driven film. Films like these are not easy to remake in other languages as recreating the mood and essence of the original is not easy by any means. But given the fact that the film clicked well at the box office, Telugu filmmakers will be more than tempted to work on the remake.