Poster war in the film-world!

The film world is flooded with new movies at this time and all of them have released their own respective posters to catch the attention of the audience. We hear that there is a poster war between the highly talented actor Aamir Khan and the leading actress of film ‘Nasha’. Both of these films have been in highlights and both have released posters that are very eye-catching but according to recent news both the posters are discovered to be strikingly alike with both the actors going bare-back in their respective posters. This battle has gone to microblogging sites like Twitter fans are exchanging their own views.

While one of them posted “Aamir Khan giving stiff competition for Poonam Pandey,” being on Poonam’s side another fan tweeted, Aamir Khan can try as many times but he can never deliver a no-panty pose.