Rana DaggubatiDirector Sukumar has gained a lot of buzz recently due to Uppena. It is a blockbuster film made by his assistant Buchi Babu. Previously, a couple of his productions too fared well under his guidance.

No wonder there is a huge demand for a new director from his compound. The latest buzz in the industry is that another one of his assistant, Venky will turn director. He seems to have got a nod from mighty choosy Rana Daggubati for a project.

Nothing is known about the movie, expect the combination. However, it must be mentioned here that this isn’t the first time Rana is giving a break as director to Sukumar’s assistant. Many years ago, when Rana was just starting his cinematic journey, his third film Naa Ishtam was directed by a newcomer who previously assisted Sukumar. It ended up as a disaster.

So, Sukumar hasn’t got a hundred percent track record, but in recent years, he has managed to impress the most with his work and also the same is the case with the assistants and productions.

We have to wait and see if Rana gets lucky the second time or not. An official announcement regarding the combination is expected to be out soon from the production house, 14 Reels Plus.