Possible alliances for Janasena Party, this elections

Given the current situation, we can assume that Pawan Kalyan will not take part in the coming elections directly, but instead form an alliance with some other party and see that Congress doesn’t win. There are three main combinations in which Pawan Kalyan can form alliances which have their own possibilities to win.

1. JanaSena forming an alliance with Lok Satta

2. JanaSena with Jagan’s YSRCP

3. JanaSena with BJP and TDP, combined.

JanaSena with Lok Satta: It is a well-known fact the Lok Satta’s chief JP has always wanted Congress government to end. But we know for sure that he will no way win the elections in 2014, alone. JP might not even win his seat at Kukatpally, given the situation. However, JP has, in recent past, invited PK to join LokSatta. JSP is also a new party with a huge support but we cannot assure if they will get enough votes. So, though the combination of JP and PK is a wonderful one, we cannot expect this combination to grab the most votes and henceforth, forming an alliance will not be much of a use.

JanaSena with YSRCP: The popularity of JS Jagan, among people, has been decreasing with time, especially among young voters. Still, he has got a great support. But formation of this alliance is close to impossible because it is known that YS Jagan is on the top list of the most corrupt politicians of AP. Jagan has always been in news for swallowing lakhs of crores of rupees when his father, Y.S.Rajashekar Reddy was in power. One of the main aims of JSP is to not let corrupt politicians exist and hence, Pawan will not form an alliance with YSRCP. Till now, Pawan Kalyan has not met YS Jagan and we can say that he will not meet in the future too.

JanaSena with TDP and BJP, combined:
This trio can be the perfect team. Narendra Modi has already spoken to TDP chief, Chandrababu Naidu to form an alliance with him and we can say that Babu will consider this deal. This trio have the ability to win and form a government. According to reports, Pawan Kalyan has recently met Narendra Modi. And Chandrababu has stated that Pawan Kalyan is most welcome to join his party, if he wishes to. All three parties are determined to get Congress off the power. And with a figure like Narendra Modi, who inspires everyone, and is possibly the next PM. If these three parties unite, there is a strong prospect of having a better, stable government.

Pawan Kalyan doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to compete in the elections as he has stated that he has a 25-year plan to bring growth in the state. He will be announcing his strategies and ideology through his book, ISM, soon. And let’s also hope he will soon let us know of the alliance he has in his mind. Post your comment and let us know who do you think Pawan’s JSP should work?