Positive Signs All Over for Raju Ahead of The Big DaySenior Producer Dil Raju is gearing up for the big day on April 9th with the release of Pawan Kalyan’s Vakeel Saab. As much as 95 Crore is riding on the film at the box office. Ahead of the big day, there are positive signs for Dil Raju.

The 67th National Awards were announced and Dil Raju is laughing all his way with his Maharshi bagging two awards – Best Film in Providing Wholesome Entertainment and an award in song choreography for Raju Sundaram.

This is the second time a film of Dil Raju getting honored in the National Awards. It happened previously with Shathamanam Bhavathi.

Another Telugu film, Jersey bagged two awards – The best Telugu film for the year 2019. The film also won another award for its editing. Even though Jersey is not produced by Dil Raju. He along with Geetha Arts is producing the Hindi remake of Jersey. These awards will also increase the buzz for Jersey Hindi which releases in November.

It looks everything is going well for Dil Raju as of now and he will take these signs positively ahead of Vakeel Saab’s release.