posani-made-good-use-of-allu-arjun-moneyPosani is adept at wordplay but he also a good-natured man who mostly speaks his heart instead of beating around the bush. He helped three poor girl students who scored high GPAs in the recent SSA Telangana examinations by donating Rs. 5 lakhs to them.

According to Posani Krishna Murali’s revelation, Allu Arjun once called him to his residence and presented a cheque of Rs. 5 lakh as he though Posani is one of the most honest human beings who will make the best use of the money. Though Posani was in a well-to-do position, he accepted the cheque as Allu Arjun gave him out of respect.

He kept the money untouched till date and now, he donated the money to the poor students aka Rajeshwari (9.7 GPA), Sk Haseena Bee (9.5 GPA) and Rashmita (9.8 GPA) and requested them to thank Allu Arjun not him as it’s the money given to him by the stylish star. Though it seems to be a bit filmy, it’s nice to see our stars empathize and help the talented poor students.