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Posani’s Tongue Slip in Flow, on Stage

Posani Krishna Murali Tongue Slip in Flow, on StagePosani is popular for his straight from heart speeches and one can be sure that whatever he talks comes to him instinctively, nothing planned beforehand. The same thing happened while speaking at the audio launch event of Manchu Vishnu’s upcoming movie ‘Lukkunnodu’.

Posani slipped his tongue in the flow of his speech and said, “Mohan Babu gaadu”, instead of “Mohan Babu gaaru’. That was purely unintentional and to be honest, he meant no dishonor to the senior actor. Even Mohan Babu turned quite a sport and took it very easy.

This comes as a real surprise from the otherwise strict disciplinarian that Mohan Babu is known to be. Mohan Babu was seen cracking jokes on Posani Murali’s age, addressing him as ‘younger brother’. Those were the moments when Mohan Babu’s maturity showed off.